Dr. Joe Dispenza: How To Hack Your Mind (And Heart) to Change Your Life


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“We are all faced with great opportunities brilliantly disguised as impossible situations.”


How quickly can we heal trauma that’s been inside of us for decades? (4:33)

Is the information trauma we are taking in more damaging than physical trauma? (6:56)

What are ways to support our inner environment on a daily basis? (25:14)

How do we brainwash ourselves in times of stress to believe in calm and peace? (29:43)

What can someone who is in a very dark place begin to do to get relief? (34:26)

How do we learn how to heal the heart when it’s not information taught by the world? (51:52)


How to change your health by changing your mind (2:15)

How strengthening your inner environment will strengthen your immune system (14:00)

The massive power of telling yourself a positive story about your future (21:03)

Dr. Joe’s advice to anyone who is super stressed about coronavirus (44:53)

Dr. Joe’s 60 second daily process to boost his internal environment (48:45)


Becoming Supernatural

Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself

You Are the Placebo

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