Dr. Steven Gundry: The “Healthy” Foods You Should NEVER EAT, Boosting Your Immune System and COVID-19


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“A leaky gut is the cause of all disease.”


What are specific ways to heal your heart without surgery? (7:20)

What’s the difference between a good virus and a bad virus? (18:03)

What are the foods that heal leaky gut and defend against viruses? (28:50)

Why is peanut butter such a bad thing? (37:25)

What boosts the immune system? (59:43)

Is it possible to have such a strong immune system that you can reject any virus? (1:06:40)

How important are probiotics right now? (1:09:35)


Why fixing the heart medically can only help your health so much (1:06)

Why we need germs and bacteria to stay healthy (13:45)

The benefits of time-restricted feeding (20:25)

What causes aging (23:17)

How mental illness comes from the gut (43:30)

Why food labels can’t be trusted (49:20)

The importance of human connection for your heart during a time of social distancing (1:12:55)

How bacteria choose who you are attracted to (1:15:01)


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