Top Performance Hacks To Lose Weight, BUILD MUSCLE & Crush Your Fitness Goals EP 1387


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Nick Bare founded Bare Performance Nutrition in 2012 out of his small college apartment. During this time, Nick was studying nutrition and on the path of joining the military upon graduation. The company was built upon the values of transparency and service from its infant stages of launch and today remains instilled in the brand's primary mission.

Nick was commissioned into the US Army as an Infantry Officer, where he spent the next four years completing various military training schools, such as Ranger School and Airborne School, before taking his position as an Infantry Platoon Leader stationed out of Texas. During his time in the military, Nick learned the values of leadership, integrity, and team building which have been directly applied to Bare Performance Nutrition.

In this episode you will learn,

  • 3 Non-negotiables you should have in your morning routine.
  • How having routines can help you set better goals.
  • Why you should prove yourself right instead of proving others wrong.
  • The easy secret to help you stay more consistent.

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