Artificial Intelligence is going to us forever. But, will AI one day become an existential threat to our species?


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Why is AI going to change our lives? Why do we need AI? Why AI ethics are more important than ever? Will Artificial General Intelligence be an existential threat to us?
In this podcast, my guest is a great AI researcher and an esteemed name in the field of AI. He is a senior healthcare AI researcher at Charité Berlin and a visiting Professor of Medical Informatics at Birmingham City University. He holds an M.D., a Ph.D. in Medical Neuroscience, and an M.A. in Medical Ethics.
His research focuses on the translation of AI, predominantly in the areas of healthcare and neuroscience: 1) practical healthcare AI-research, 2) AI-ethics (e.g. xAI, bias, reproducibility), and 3) AI in healthcare product development.
Vince is also the Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) at ai4medicine, a company focused on medical AI data analytics and personalized mobile medical AI solutions.
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