Episode 18: Storm Quakes, The Love of Dogs and Corina Newsome- Biologist and Explorer


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This week on the podcast our science news is about extreme storms that may cause actual earthquakes! In Dog Science we examine a couple new books which have a profound take on dogs and the love they have for us and what that means! Our guest is Biologist Corina Newsome, who enthusiastically explains her passion for birds and nature, but also gets real with some of the challenges facing her community interacting with nature. She rocks! We have trivia again AND a new section that will cycle with the mailbag...it's called Stories about Bunsen from the week! In this section we just riff about the fun adventures and things we did with Bunsen that week! It was a ton of fun to put together...we hope you like it!
Corina's organization she wants us to check out! : atlantaaudubon.org
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