Career Change on Maternity Leave: How Kynnedy Learned To Code, Became a Code Reviewer, and Landed Her First Developer Job


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πŸŽ™ About the episode

Meet Kynnedy πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ! She recently made history as the first student who found a job through Scrimba's Discord! She originally wanted to be an air traffic controller, but ended up working in hospitality. After she became a mom, Kynnedy decided on a career change. And she succeeded! πŸŽ‰

In this episode, you'll get handy tips on how to learn better and make whatever you're learning stick. Kynnedy shares what she did right, but also what she did wrong, as well as her approach to creating a more memorable developer portfolio. You'll hear her story about learning enough about front-end development to go from zero to becoming a code reviewer on Scrimba in only a few months. Plus: how to know you're ready to apply for jobs, and how how to code with a baby. :)

πŸ”— Connect with Kynnedy

⏰ Timestamps

  • How Kynnedy got into coding (02:00)
  • Bootcamp vs a self-directed route (04:03)
  • Learning to code while being a new parent (04:57)
  • Kynnedy's path and learning style with Scrimba (05:49)
  • Dealing with self-doubt when learning to code (06:58)
  • How to choose projects for you developer portfolio? (09:38)
  • How Kynnedy knew she was ready to start applying for jobs (14:22)
  • How Kynnedy put herself out there... and got no results (14:57)
  • Getting an interview through Scrimba's discord (16:00)
  • Kynnedy as a code reviewer on Scrimba (17:42)
  • Kynnedy's interview process (19:50)
  • Coding advice for younger Kynnedy (25:48)

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