Episode 177: Wendake, Gaslands and Player Interaction


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Hey Now! It's time for some more Secret Cabal Nonsense! Today we chat about some games and hobby junk we've been getting into including: Shadows of Brimstone, Nemesis, Discover Lands Unknown, Hand of Fate Ordeals, Hand of Fate on Steam, Architects of the West Kingdom, Auztralia, Chronicles of Crime, Villainous, Magic the Gathering: Arena, and Evolution Digital on Steam. Then we get into an overview and review of Wendake from Renegade Games and a look back at Gaslands from Osprey Publishing. After Tony T goes through all the most important news items in the entire world, we get into a discussion about player interaction and goes off the rails as usual. Wendake Overview 01:14:14, Wendake Review 01:18:56, Gaslands Look Back 01:47:30, News with Tony T 01:50:50, Player Interaction Discussion 02:28:10

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