Episode 183: Space Gate Odyssey, Lords of Helas and a Short Topic Extravaganza


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In episode 183 the Founders start out by announcing the dates of the Origins and Gen Con meetups, Chris talks about his trip to Michigan and a wardrobe mishap and then we chat about a bunch of the games they've been playing. Then the gang jumps into an overview and review of Space Gate Odyssey from Ludonaute and a look back at Lords of Helas from Awaken Realms with the Cabalists thoughts thrown in. Then Tony T joins the party to give us the best damn tabletop gaming new segment of all time while the rest of the founders chatter in the background. Then finally Steve, Chris and Jamie host a Short Topic Extravaganza featuring games still in shrink, our favorite dragons, gaming with our wives and the music and bands we love and the history of Steve and Jamie's punk rock band, Slow Andy. Then after the episode ends, Jamie gives us a bonus segment playing some Slow Andy tunes with a little talk up between each. Space Gate Odyssey Overview 01:05:44, Space Gate Odyssey Review 01:10:43, Lords of Helas Look Back 01:30:05, News with Tony T 01:39:08, Short Topic Extravaganza 02:21:45, The Music of Slow Andy 02:56:35

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