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Your favourite self-help junkies Lianne Kay (The Self Help Hipster) and Andrew Chin talk about their 30-day challenges, review the book "What a time to be alone: the Slumflower’s guide on why you’re already enough!" by Chidera Eggerue and talk about their pop culture pleasures and obsessions. Another hour+ of jolly good fun and insights.




POMODORO-ING MY FACE OFF: Lianne used the Pomodoro technique religiously, and it still works like a charm.

HOLIDAY PICTURES: Andrew’s holiday got postponed so he didn’t do this one.

We have an interesting discussion on the concept of 30-day challenges and actual long term habit change. More on that next episode.


This month we review Chidera Eggerue’s What A Time To Be Alone: the Slumflower’s guide on why you’re already enough! You can buy it here* for only 15 euros: I have this hardcover (Lianne) and it’s GORGEOUS.

Her Vogue interview is really profound https://www.vogue.co.uk/article/chidera-eggerue-interview

Great @theslumflower Twiter threads

Mixed Signals https://twitter.com/theslumflower/status/846058486639214592

Loving yourself https://twitter.com/theslumflower/status/759817309036740608

Slumflower podcast https://soundcloud.com/theslumflower

Favorite quotes:

· “Where there is peace, allow it to reign.”

· “Minding your business is the new black”

· “You cannot form a solid bond without vulnerability.”

· “People with low standards are always the first to tellyou you are asking for too much.”

· “You are the key, feel free to leave.”


JURASSIC WORLD: FALLEN KINGDOM (Lianne): What a shit film.

MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 6 (Andrew): What an awesome film!

INSATIABLE (Lianne): What a shit show and what a shitshow.

NEVER STOP STOPPING – BIN LADEN (Lianne): Lonely Island forever!



BIRTHDAY GIFTS: Andrew got all decked out in decadent gear. Bally fannypack and Balenciaga slippers. (He looked awesome)

ADIDAS: You know me (Lianne). If I’m not wearing ADIDAS I’ve probably been bodysnatched.

SECRET LIFE OF JEFFREE STAR (Lianne): Excellent Shane Dawson documentary about icon Jeffree Star. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xUf2-sjGqQw

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