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Hi, so glad you are listening to a new episode of the Self Help Hipster Podcast. The show where Lianne Keemink (The Self Help Hipster) and Andrew Chin (andrewchin.co) discuss a self-help book.

This time it's Super Attractor by Gabrielle Bernstein.



30-Day Challenges

Andrew's 30 Day Challenge was getting out of bed at 08:30 and we're happy to report he succeeded! Listen to him divulge his success rate and how it worked.

Lianne's 30 Day Challenge was doing something nice for someone else for 30 days, and she was very happy about doing this. Highly recommended!

Book of the Month

We talk about Super Attractor by Gabrielle Bernstein, Gabby's latest book. This is a book about spirituality to the Nth degree so it's gotta be your thing, but there are some very smart and interesting takes in the book.

We're skeptical about manifesting as explained by most of the Law of Attraction but there is merit in some of the philosophy, and Gabby explains some of those parts well!

Pop Culture Pleasures

* (Andrew): Blinding Lights by the Weekend

* (Lianne) Spotify Top 100 Playlists, and Rick & Morty


* (Andrew): Essential Oil Diffuser & Lulu Lemon for Men * (Lianne): Her letterbox in her office that she writes different quotes on each week

Next Book

The One Thing by Gary Keller !

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