SSP131 Big Changes Coming


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In today’s episode, the guys, along with Bonnie and Niamh, talk about the big changes coming to the Story Studio Podcast in the coming weeks. This episode is the last episode of what we are calling Season 0, and starting next week we will be embarking on Season 1 at last!

Season 1 will focus on The State of the Industry. This will include interviews with a wide variety of guests who have their fingers on the pulse of different areas of the self-publishing industry. 15 episodes of deep dives into every area of the industry where we want to know more about what is working right now.

After that comes Season 2: Core Curriculum with Bonnie. Everytime Bonnie is on the show, we get comments and emails asking for more. So Bonnie is going to deliver! We have a whole season full of episodes where Bonnie focuses on every aspect of craft. It’s basically a masterclass in craft delivered to you weekly.

So buckle up and get ready for some fantastic new seasons of The Story Studio Podcast!

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