Ep 19: Zines with a sense of place ft. Kieran Cutting, Christian Kitson, Richard Daniels & Simon Moreton


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This year, I’ve read some great zines that each explore sense of place in their own unique ways. Hence, I thought it would be nice to chat with some of the creators behind them!

First, I speak with Kieran Cutting and Christian Kitson, creators of Lost Futures. Lost Futures explores 'worlds that could have been, should have been, or weren’t'.

Then, I chat with Richard Daniels, creator of Occultaria of Albion (OA), a tongue-in-cheek part-work series about the weird and unusual in Albion.

Finally, I chat with Simon Moreton, author of multiple zines, independent comics - and a brand new book! Much of his works explore place, landscape, politics, and grief.

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