374: Angela Lewis: Embracing Motherhood & Hollywood


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Rising star Angela Lewis has garnered many roles in some of the most illustrious off-Broadway play productions to award-winning drama television series. Angela will make her return as ‘Aunt Louie’ on season 3 of the FX series, “Snowfall” created by award-winning director, John Singleton. Her role as ‘Aunt Louise Saint,’ a drug-addict with big dreams in the middle of the 1980’s crack cocaine epidemic in South-Central LA, is set to showcase her artistic talent of acting.

With appearances in many popular hit TV shows, such as “iCarly”,“Code Black”, and “Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin,'' Lewis is sure to show the industry her never-ending talent.

Now residing in Los Angeles with her husband, Lewis spends her time between her film and TV projects by giving back to charities that have been significant to her such as Cancer Society of America, Black & Missing, and Leukemia Lymphoma Society.

Listen in to hear Angela share:

  • The impact of playing the role of a women from circumstances vastly different than her own
  • The contrast of the War on Drugs in the 80’s between the opioid epidemic today
  • The difference between “struggling” and putting in the hard work
  • How she navigates being in the “machine” of Hollywood
  • The growth, evolution, and accountability she wants to see in Hollywood

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