375: The Danger Of Indifference In Motherhood


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You can’t afford to be indifferent. You can’t afford to not care or have an opinion.

When you let others have all the opinions and all the loud voices, you also let them have all the power.

When you let others play big while you stay small, you risk losing or never even acquiring what is rightfully yours.

When you don’t create space to own and honor your truths you miss opportunities to share your strengths, gifts, and talents with the world - massively limiting your impact and your legacy.

When we as women don’t show ALL THE WAY UP we pay the ultimate price - perpetuating sexism and gender inequality on a global level.

You might think I’m sounding a little dramatic here. A little “extra”, as the kids would say.

I’m going big with this statement and my beliefs around this because I’m not willing to passively perpetuate gender inequality and I’m not interested in growing a community of passive women who want to stay cozy and comfy with the status quo.

I’m here for you - and for your power, your gifts, your opinions, your stories, and the legacy you’re building. I’m here to see you get the promotion, get the raise, get a seat at the board room table and rock the mic on the biggest stages.

So, let’s go be a little extra together, shall we?

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