376: Arianna Taboada: Maternity Leave As A Basic Human Right


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Arianna Taboada is a Shameless Mom, maternal health researcher, author, and owner of a consulting firm that helps female founders intelligently design maternity leave plans that meet their business model and personal needs. She draws from her expertise as a maternal health professional, combined with her experience as a business owner and mother, to provide highly personalized services for service-based entrepreneurs. Prior to her consulting practice, Arianna worked on maternal health issues for over a decade as a health educator, a social worker in a mental health clinic, a reproductive health researcher, and a yoga therapist.

Listen in to hear Arianna share:

  • How to approach maternity leave as experimental and not templated - understanding that you cannot predict what your situation might be
  • The necessity of framing maternity leave as a basic human right
  • 3 tips to “babyproof your business” for entrepreneur mamas
  • Places and groups where you can connect with other new mamas in order to strengthen your social support networks
  • How to create a transition plan back to prepare to re-enter your work postpartum

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