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Dana V. Adams is a Shameless Mom of 4 boys, the founder of the Life Mapping Institute, author of Live Your Gift and the Live Your Gift Companion Guide, and considered one of the country’s top thought leaders on the life mapping process. For decades, first as a student and now as a teacher and mentor, Dana has inspired, empowered, and led thousands to embrace their life’s gifts to live happy, abundant and authentic lives. She leads the highly acclaimed Life Mapping Workshop to corporations and individuals.

Dana’s life was deeply impacted by life mapping a few years ago, so she took it upon herself to reach out to the creator of the concept, Bill Cohen, to ask him if they collaborate - major Shameless move! He said yes and Dana has had the opportunity to build a truly transformational program at the Life Mapping Institute as a result of this collaboration.

Listen in to hear Dana share:

  • The process of breaking through the fear around setting goals
  • How she got out of paralyzing fear in order to create space to go after her dreams of writing and speaking
  • How losing her mom by suicide shifted her ability to resist perfectionism and start taking risks to become an author
  • The power of putting things in the context they need to be in order to overcome her family stories around incest and suicide
  • What her intuition feels like and how she has learned to listen to it more often
  • How life mapping can get you in deeper touch with your intuition
  • The importance of having a deep and clear understanding around the WHY attached to each of your goals

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