381: My Secret Formula For Growth


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It is no secret that the people you spend the most time with will rub off on you. This begs the question - are you spending time with the right people?

Are you investing in relationships with people who inspire you, push you, hold you accountable, cheer for you?

Are you investing in relationships with people who have similar core values, who want to do good for the greater good, who want to elevate others as they climb, who want to elevate those who have less privilege?

Are you investing in relationships with people who are doing big things, scary things, great things - the things you want to do?

The relationships you invest in will determine your path, your growth, and your joy. And in many cases, they will clear the path for you, expediting your growth, bringing you joy you never thought possible.

Listen in to hear why you must get yourself in the room with like-minded mamas and my secret growth formula that makes the relationships you build in these rooms invaluable to your growth.

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