382: Jessica Sinarski: Science, Trauma, and Brave Brains


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Jessica Sinarski is a Shameless Mom of 3, a clinical supervisor, consultant, writer, and educator. She is the author of RILEY THE BRAVE (available in English and Spanish) and the founder of BraveBrains, an organization committed to helping adults living and working with children who have experienced abuse, neglect, or significant losses.

Jessica is a thought leader in connecting neuroscience with practice in adult-child relationships and has shared her expertise as a contributor to Fostering Families magazine, Adoptalk, blogs, and podcasts. She has trained thousands of parents and professionals across the country and maintains a private practice in Delaware, incorporating neurofeedback and attachment-based therapeutic models.

Jessica shares some GOLD here as it pertains to our brains, our childrens’ brains, and how we can reverse stress to the brain. I learned so much in this conversation. I think you will too!

Listen in to hear Jessica share:

  • The major benefits of understanding brain function - to give you power and massive insight to improve the way you live and parent
  • What is the most important thing for moms to know about the brain - for yourselves and your kids
  • The impact of stress on a baby/child’s brain - and why it’s reversible
  • The power of turning toward our trauma instead of hiding it and/or hiding from it

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