383: The Four C's You Need To Lead


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You are a leader. There is no way around it. #sorrynotsorry

You lead in your household. You lead in your community. You lead in your profession. You lead in your relationships.

You are a leader.

So, how are you stepping into that role? How do you lead with integrity? How do you lead with compassion? How do you lead with just the right amount of power and purpose to inspire others to follow?

There are 4 key characteristics to every great leader, whether they are leading a family of 4 or a multimillion-dollar organization: courage, confidence, compassion, and curiosity.

All 4 complement each other in a very synergistic way. And when you have all 4 dialed in you can lead in the most dynamic ways - where you’re working in your greatest strengths, inspiring others to take positive action, and having the most profound impact.

Listen in to learn how to more fully step into your role as a leader in order to get more of what you want and have the most impact along the way.

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