392: Stephanie Dalfonzo: Goodbye Anxiety, Hello Freedom


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Stephanie Dalfonzo is a speaker, coach, hypnotist, and author of “Goodbye Anxiety, Hello Freedom!” She’s been researching holistic, natural and scientifically proven strategies to calm stress and anxiety for over 20 years.

She is hired by people who are determined to create the life of their dreams but don’t know where to start. She helps them resolve past traumas to clear the way to truly living the life they’ve always dreamed of.

Sharing inspirational empowerment with simple action steps, Stephanie has freed thousands of people, from tweens to 82, from their anxiety, stress, and fears.

Listen in to hear Stephanie share:

  • The difference between worry and anxiety and what is normal worry vs abnormal or heightened
  • Simple and quick techniques you (and your kids) can use to immediately decrease anxiety
  • The power of cellular memory and the power of healing your cellular memory to release your traumas and anxiety
  • How you can change your brain to overcome anxiety
  • How to use meditation in a more positive and blissful way

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