406: Kaitlyn Gresham: Supporting Entrepreneurial Moms in Developing Countries


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Kaitlyn Gresham is a Shameless Mom and the founder and Executive Director of Under the Same Tree - a non-profit organization that is preventing the effects of poverty through economic empowerment - equipping families affected by extreme poverty around the world to build their own income sources. They offer the opportunity for their supporters to match with a family served by their programs, to build meaningful relationships and the tangible opportunity to see the impact that is being made.

Kaitlyn was born in Southern California and now lives in Saint Louis, Missouri with her husband, David, and daughter Valeria, who joined their family via adoption from Nicaragua in 2017. She has a Master’s degree in International Relations with a Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership, and she loves fish tacos, hiking, and sunshine.

I was introduced to Kaitlyn through her nonprofit and immediately wanted to interview, as well as support her amazing cause. I am so excited to share Kaitlyn’s message and mission!

Listen in to hear Kaitlyn share:

  • How she knew from a very young age that she wanted to grow her family through adoption
  • How she and her husband decided to adopt from the hardest to match adoptee list
  • The limiting factors of opportunities for women and their babies in developing nations
  • How her nonprofit provides opportunities for women in developing nations to start their own businesses and make their own money to create financial stability for their families as well provide economic growth in the local communities
  • The beauty and power of women invest in others when they have any extra resources
  • How she connects women entrepreneurs in the US to women in Kenya, Uganda, and Haiti

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