407: 3 Things I Tried To Quit In 2019 - Not All Successfully


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In 2019 I set out to quit 3 things that were no longer serving me. Not only were these three things no longer serving me, they were sucking precious time and energy to the point I could no longer ignore their negative impact on my life.

It would be cute and fun and just oh-so-perfect if I could have sat down to record this episode and shout from the rooftops, “I DID IT! I QUIT THESE THINGS THAT WERE NO LONGER SERVING ME!” But I didn’t.

I had varying degrees of “success” in the quitting of each thing. I put success in quotes because we tend to gauge success in really black & white terms and one of the best lessons I’ve learned over the last couple years (as someone who really likes to keep things black & white), is that often the magic is in the gray. We think “success” lives in the black & white. But true success is in the gray - where you have the power to shift your perspective #everydamnday in order to find wins, gain growth, and feel the magic even when you haven’t found the “success” you were initially looking for.

Listen in to learn with me as I share my “success” and my SUCCESS of kinda quitting three things that were no longer serving me.

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