410: Ceca Mijatovic: The Misery & Magic of Infertility and Cancer


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Ceca Mijatovic is a badass life coach and a host of the Truth & Dare Cancer Podcast. She focuses on helping women going through or living with cancer learn how to navigate their cancer journey alongside family and career, how to supercharge their self-healing, and how to recalibrate their lives by using cancer as a powerful catalyst for change. She has had her own battle with the “Big C” and it became a potent agent for positive change in her life, and now she wants to help other women use their diagnosis as an opportunity to transform their lives for the better.

Prior to becoming a life coach, Ceca was in numerous leadership roles at Fortune 50 companies as well as startups. She is a founder of the Truth & Dare Cancer coaching practice where she helps women with cancer take charge of their health, their body, and their outcome!

Listen in to hear Ceca share:

  • Her road through infertility and how she decided to stop pursuing motherhood
  • How she moved on and got closure on her motherhood dreams
  • Why her diagnosis of uterine cancer brought her peace
  • How she helps women find truth and strength and grace during cancer
  • Why women with cancer need massive mindset coaching after diagnosis and cancer treatment
  • How emotional healing parallels physical healing
  • Why cancer is full of misery and magic
  • The power of receiving

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