413: It's Ok To Not Be Ok


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I recently had a week where everything just felt so off and so out of my control. Can you relate? We’ve all been there. It’s hard.

And... it’s ok to not be ok.

Sometimes we try to just blow past our emotions or frustrations. We feel like we don’t have time for them. I mean, who has extra time to sit around feeling dumpy??

But it’s also necessary to process why we are not ok. Some questions to ask:

What got me here?

Why is it so uncomfortable?

Did I make a poor choice?

Am I absorbing and owning someone else’s junk?

How can I make things better - not just put a bandaid on it - but really make it better?

How can I create some space to figure out positive and powerful next steps?

If you find yourself putting up a front on the regular, this episode is for you. Give yourself permission to stop faking fine and be less than awesome every now and then.

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