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Peter Mutabazi is an international advocate for vulnerable communities and children. He is a regional manager for World Vision, a keynote speaker, and the founder and creator of Now I Am Known.

He believes every child and young person, especially the forgotten, neglected, or abused, deserves to be celebrated; seen, heard, and known.

Peter is a single dad who has fostered 13 kids and adopted 1 (so far). When he's not speaking or advocating for others, he enjoys running, skiing, and spending time with his kids and his new puppy Simba.

Peter has lived a remarkable life and is building an incredible legacy. I’m so honored to share his story on the show. Grab a tissue. You’re in for a treat.

Listen in to hear Peter share:

  • His experience growing up in an extremely abusive family in Uganda
  • How he ran away at age 10 to live on the street - and never returned home
  • His special relationship with his mother
  • How the kindness of one stranger changed the course of his life and helped him see himself as a human being for the first time
  • What inspired him to start fostering children
  • How he ended up adopting one of his foster children - in spite of trying not to get attached to the children he fosters
  • How he connects with and holds empathy for the biological moms of the kids he fosters
  • The importance of BEING KNOWN, especially if you’ve been forgotten

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