252: Episode 252: The return of NHL betting and 40 years of bookmaking with Chris Andrews


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Sports fans were given a glimmer of hope Tuesday when The NHL announced their plans for returning to action with a special 24-team tournament. At the same time, MLB owners and players simply can’t get on the same page to restart their season, an increasingly costly failure.
Also, after more than four decades of oddsmaking, there comes some wisdom that is difficult to find… except perhaps in a book.
The Sharp 600 podcast welcomes South Point sportsbook director Chris Andrews to talk about NHL Playoff betting action, reactions from Tiger vs. Phil 2, his new book and more. He and host Rob Cressy discuss:
• Betting results from Tiger vs. Phil 2
• Could The Match II change future golf broadcasts?
• What other The Match II-style pairings would make good TV?
• Finding value in the special NHL playoff format
• Will this NHL playoffs see an increase in betting action?
• Did MLB miss out on a golden opportunity?
• Chris’ book “Then One Day... 40 Years Of Bookmaking In Nevada”
• Recognizing value where others don’t
• The future of innovation in sports betting
You can find Chris Andrews on Twitter @andrewssports. Connect with Rob Cressy @robcressy on Twitter and send in your feedback, best bets and bad beats.
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