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The Sherman Show Interviews James Bianco in Chicago

Jim Bianco, a favorite guest of the Sherman Show, returns for another discussion with DoubleLine’s Jeffrey Sherman and Sam Lau. Among other topics, Mr. Bianco, president of Chicago-based Bianco Research, shares his insights into the European Central Bank’s negative-rate dilemma and the Federal Reserve’s balance-sheet dilemma. A return of inflation, Mr. Bianco predicts, could overturn investors and advisors’ addiction to 60-40 stock-bond allocations as well as force the Fed to unwind its balance sheet. Mr. Bianco also discusses the necessary precursor for U.S. Treasury rates to break out of their trading range and head higher. Messrs. Bianco, Sherman and Lau enjoy some laughs over the ghost of Irving Fisher, who showed up, alive and well, at Davos. And Mr. Sherman vents his ire with delusional Ph.D’s at the International Monetary Fund. The podcast was recorded January 22, 2020 in Chicago.

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