The Live Launch Revolution Explained with Kelly Roach


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Kelly Roach is a motivational speaker, former NFL cheerleader, and Unstoppable Entrepreneur. Through training, coaching, and consulting, Kelly helps online entrepreneurs elevate and scale their businesses. She shares her wisdom on business strategy through the podcast, Unstoppable Success Radio, and the book, Unstoppable: 9 Principles for Unlimited Success in Business and Life. Having experienced financial challenges in her childhood, Kelly vowed to make a difference in the world and started the Human Family Foundation to raise funds and help crises around the world.

Kelly joins me today to share her ideas on live launching a program. She defines what the live launch method is and illustrates how it can benefit an online entrepreneur. She explains how to live launch on Facebook and describes how to ensure a sale after launching. She highlights how a live launch can build a community and relationships around a brand and the different launch models an entrepreneur can use. She also explains why business owners need to do a live launch several times in a row and how long it takes to finally master the live launch method.

“The live launch model allows entrepreneurs to use their intuition to create rapport, relationships, and community.” - Kelly Roach

In This Episode of The Sigrun Show:

  • How Kelly fell in love with business strategy and pivoted to running her own business
  • The reason Kelly changed her business model to use the live launch method
  • How to use Facebook groups to launch a program and why Kelly recommends live launching with no less than 300 people
  • Why many entrepreneurs aren’t successful with their live launch attempts
  • The different launching models and the four pillars that you need to teach
  • How a live launch can turn audiences into brand ambassadors for your business
  • The benefits of live launching a program
  • How to sell a course or program after a live launch
  • How long it takes to master the live launch method
  • Why Kelly recommends doing a live launch eight times in a row

Connect with Kelly Roach:

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