082: How to market your business without social media - with Leonie Dawson


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Do you think (in this day and age) it’s possible to market your business without social media? If you had asked me two years ago, I would have vehemently said, “Heck NO! Social media is the lifeblood to stay connected, and your business would DIE without it!”

But nowadays, I’m starting to question if that fundamental belief is actually true… or not.

My special guest today is an international best-selling author who’s defying it all. She’s running a multi-million dollar business and only working 10 hours a week. During these 10 hours, Leonie is not wasting a ton of time on social media.

Leonie Dawson simplifies how to market your business without social media.

In this episode, you will learn:
  • Why more and more businesses are saying NO to social media these days
  • Why Leonie believes businesses should focus on growing their email list instead
  • What is working for Leonie right now, as she continues to sell her workbooks, online courses and services across the world
  • Leonie's thoughts on deactivating social media accounts or taking periodic social media sabbaticals
  • Leonie’s other favorite ways to market your business that don’t require the mindless death scroll of social media

If you’re feeling burnt out and exhausted from posting on social media all-the-FREAKIN-time, girl I feel ya.

In this episode, we pull back the magic curtain and get to the bottom of HOW Leonie avoids the social media trap. We also learn WHY she made a big shift in how she approaches social media marketing.

So grab your journal, take notes, as this one is guaranteed to spark a new idea for you!


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