083: How to overcome obstacles and face your fears - with Koya Webb


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Let’s face it, fear is SCARY. It’s tricky to know what to do when you’re caught up in a moment of panic or anxiety. Your heart is racing, your palms are sweaty, and your inner voice is giving you 80 billion reasons why you shouldn’t #DoTheThing. So, what do you do in that moment?? Let’s simplify it.

My special guest today is a health coach who believes your fears can make you fierce. In our conservation, she shows us how to turn common obstacles into seeds for growth.

In her words, “To unravel your stories around fear, you need to know what makes you feel uncomfortable.” Start there and hopefully today’s conversation will plant a seed for a new beginning.

Koya Webb simplifies how to overcome your obstacles and face your fears.

In this episode, you will learn:
  • The first few steps to overcome your obstacles; identify your conscious and unconscious fears
  • How to NOT fall into the trap of victimhood, but instead view yourself as a ‘creator’
  • Koya’s beliefs on how your fear can truly make you fierce… and why that’s a good thing!
  • Why she believes “There is freedom in discipline”
    • How to redefine the word “discipline” to be something positive and uplifting
  • Why Koya believes that ‘Breathwork’ can really help to shift our mindset and calm our fears when we’re going through big change
    • How to do Breathwork and when
  • How to stop the vicious cycle of self-sabotage - what are the warning signs and how to flip it

So, if you’re faced with a massive obstacle this week or just want to dial down the anxiety and fear a smidge, I hope you’ll find my conversation with Koya a sacred gift from me to you.

Remember, you got this… one step at a time.


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