Season 2 Ep9: Burn Out To Thriving With Danielle Knight


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Even though she was living a life she had always dreamed of Danielle was suffering from burn out and didn’t even know it. There’s a frantic energy as the pace of our lives seem to be picking up , getting faster and more full. There’s a weariness developing from all the noise, the way we’re bombarded every day with so much information, opportunities, and things to do and our nervous systems are in deep need of rest. Do you feel weary? Like life is going a million miles an hour with so much to do and create and you struggle to switch off or find time to just breathe? Are you giving out more than you’re letting back in? Burn out is effecting more and more of us and our resistance to rest, receiving and deeply THRIVING is keeping us from the freedom we truly deserve. But where do we even start? DANIELLE SHARES: - The way she was living her life that left her burnt out - the catalyst that broke her and the startling deep question she didn’t know the answer to - blurred lines between passion and over-productivity that may be harming you - the deeper needs we've lost touch with and how to tap into them ​- A rebellion of self love, self care and self worth - Our right to thriving and how you can start to do it ABOUT DANIELLE

Danielle Knight is a Freedom Expert, International Speaker, Coach, facilitator and spirited adventurer on a mission to change the way societal pressures keep us stuck and disconnected from the free + fulfilling lives we're truly meant for. Through her one of kind programs, soulful events + award nominated podcast, Danielle has empowered 100's of wild-at-heart rebels across the globe to unapologetically embrace who they are, shake free from the 'shoulds' and obligations keeping them stuck and unlock their potential to confidently step into their own version of 'the dream'. After traveling for more than a decade, Danielle believes there's no 'one size fits all' version for happiness + success and through what she calls 'freedom alchemy' she supports the free spirited, change-makers to re-write the rules, liberate themselves, get super clear on what their path is + confidently leverage their unique gifts to make soulful money + a difference in the world.

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