The United States Coronavirus Death Toll Is Now Nearing 99,000


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The CDC is now saying that coronavirus antibody testing might be wrong half the time. As of now, the rate for new coronavirus cases are trending up in 17 states, down in 20 states and steady in 13 states. The World Health Organization is warming of a second surge in coronavirus. However, ten vaccine candidates are now in human trails.

After Trump has refused to wear a mask in front of media, Biden calls Trump "a fool" for mocking masks and then Biden accuses Trump of "stoking death" amid pandemic. Trump then mock Biden with a retweeted post of Biden wearing a mask on Twitter. The White House press secretary says it is "peculiar" that Biden would wear a mask outdoors but "not in his basement, right next to his wife." Trump is claiming that economic recovery and reopening is "ahead of schedule" as the United States coronavirus death toll climbs. Trump is also claiming, without evidence, that mail-in-voting is filled with fraud.

CNN reports that Trump is threatening to pull the GOP from North Carolina and

NYSE floors have recently reopened with changes after its 8 weeks showdown due to coronavirus concerns. A New York suburb reopens after prolonged coronavirus lockdown.

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