Trump Admits He Deliberately Downplayed "Deadly" Threat Of Pandemic


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The United States surpasses 190,000 coronavirus deaths amid Trump admitting that he deliberately downplayed the "deadly" threat of the pandemic in recorded interviews with Bob Woodward. Trump defends downplaying Covid-19 risks by saying that "we don't want a panic... We don't want people to be frightened."

Woodward book reveals more disparaging Trump rants against American generals. Woodward book exposes Kim Jong Un's fawning letters to "your excellency" Trump. Woodward's book says that Fauci told associate that Trump's "attention span is like a minus number." Woodward's book also says that Fauci told an associate that Trump's "sole purpose is to her re-elected." Woodward's book says that the former DNI coats believed that Putin had something on Trump, although intel never proved it. In Woodward's book, Trump mocked concerns about Black Americans' pain and anger by saying, "I don't feel that at all." In the Woodward book, Trump knew in early February that the coronavirus was dangerous, highly contagious, airborne and "deadly." Trump to Woodward on coronavirus is early February: "It's more deadly than even your strenuous flus."

A source says that aides "repeatedly" warned Trump that talking to Bob Woodward was a bad idea.

Biden says that Trump "knowingly and willingly lied" about the coronavirus for months.

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