Worry rises in military over Trump's decision-making; The tightening legal vise around Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani; North Korea launches projectiles in message to Trump


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Trump to speak with servicemembers amid pentagon tensions; Ousted Navy chief torches Trump & behavior in op-ed; Fired Navy chief: Trump has "little understanding" of military; Trump calls pentagon "deep state" amid military backlash; Trump tries distancing himself from Giuliani on Ukraine actions; Analysis: The precipitous fall of America's Mayor Giuliani; NYT: Giuliani pursued business in Ukraine while pushing for probes; Trump denies directing Rudy Giuliani on Ukraine actions; Trump angers China with bills backing Hong Kong protesters; Analysis: We're headed for a crisis on the Korean peninsula; GOP pushes debunked Ukraine conspiracy theories; Impeachment through the eyes of a child; Pace of aid in Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands lags behind U.S. mainland; FEMA defends hurricane response: Every disaster is different via Knit

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