THE SLY SHOW S17E24 — Cheech Doesn’t Smoke Anymore, Trusting US Gov’t Is A Bad Idea, Scamdemic/Political Talk, Best Weed Smoking Songs, Is Sly In A Relationship?, Woke Company Almanacs, 420 shit, $10 dime bags, Pre Rolls, Compassion and Conservatives + mo


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Sly is back on it. Sly talks about a slew of topics pertaining to 420 and the current Political Climate. Topics include: -Hippie Hill Is A No Go For San Francisco ( 2nd year in a row) -Old Asian Man Sly Saw Smoking Weed Recently – Getting a DUI for Smoking Weed – Trusting The US Gov't is a Bad Choice – Hypocrisy in the Pandemic – Is Sly in a relationship now? – Sly responds to a Picture of him wearing a mask – Best Weed Smoking Songs – Shoutout to the Homie G Bless – People Who Say Conservatives have no compassion – Remembering the $10 weed bags – Jess Has an Almanac of All Woke Companies – Cheech from Cheech and Chong doesn't smoke anymore

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