077_The Wild Diet, Fasting, Fat Loss, and Food Propaganda with Fat Burning Man, Abel James


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Today on the show we're talking about The Wild Diet with the Fat-Burning Man, Abel James. Abel James is a New York Times bestselling author. He's a musician and virtual reality producer and host of the hit podcast, Fat-Burning Man. His new book of irreverent poetry is called Designer Babies Still Get Scabies and that will be available July 27th of this year, 2019. Man, what an honor it was to have the Fat-Burning Man on the show today.

In this episode, we talk about The Wild Diet and how to lose 20 pounds in 40 days. One of Abel’s main tenets of health is that it’s imperative to start to eat more ancestrally or eat more wild in terms of foods that Mother Nature provides and why those are beneficial from a fat loss standpoint.

From an ancestral perspective, we talk about how to build out your plate, how to utilize the Wild Diet for different body types, what sort of lifestyle factors are also part of the Wild Diet. How it's not just relegated to the nutrition that we take in, but also the lifestyle that we're living and how that impacts how our body stores body fat. Additionally, we talk about stress management, eating seasonally, and a lot about the misinformation, the marketing and the propaganda that is so irreverent today in the fitness, nutrition industry.

As always, you're going to love this episode. Abel James is a wealth of knowledge. He's been in this business for quite some time, and if you haven't already, or if you're not already familiar with The Fat-Burning Man Show, you guys need to head over and check it out.


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