082_How to Fix Your Gut with John Brisson


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To you or me, it could be classified as indigestion, bloating, or gas… but to my 4 yr old son, it’s simply a tummy ache. Often overlooked and seen as yet another inconsequential symptom of eating or drinking too much of the wrong things, at the wrong times, or maybe another stomach bug trying to invade.

As my mother used to say, I had “a sensitive stomach”…, but it was actually a sign.

A sign that my body was giving me and that your body gives you, if necessary. An expression of imbalance. A consequence of disagreement within your body and its current physiological and biochemical terrain, whether it be good, bad or ugly.

The digestive system, the GI tract, the gut, our 2nd brain, our tummy… Call it what you will, but the gut, or the literal tube connecting mouth to anus, in concert with a number of synergistic organs - like the liver, gallbladder, and pancreas - as well as symbiotic organisms - well over 300 trillion, in fact - is an unequivocally crucial part of our health and daily function.

Today, I’m super excited to share with you gut health expert, John Brisson, as we share elements of our own personal journeys - his far more traumatic and significant than my own - yet both crucial in igniting our passion for all things digestive system as an integral part of any effective health and healing plan.

In this interview we cover a myriad of topics related to the gut, beginning with a nasty bacterial infection in the stomach, called H. Pylori, why it was so significant in our own respective healing journeys and the number of downstream effects related to H. pylori symptoms, including low stomach acid and nutrient malabsorption. As we move down in the digestive canal, we’ll discuss the prevalence of gut disease, including Crohn's and ulcerative colitis as well as a breakdown in bacterial population control leading to maladies like candida and SIBO. Lastly, we’ll briefly discuss the mind, body, gut connection and maintaining a healthy relationship with food as well as a couple of ways to support your gut with supplementation.

As you’ll hear right away, John is an extremely smart and biochemically literate clinician, so hang in there if you get lost in some of the technical jargon as I think I’m able to bring things back to basics as much as possible and will guarantee that you walk away from this interview with some solid clinical pearls to help you start to improve your gut health today.

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