What You Need to Know About Dietary Supplements - Solo Round (Throwback Thursday)


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Welcome to this solo round of the Smart Nutrition Made Simple show.

Today I wanted to do a Throwback Thursday re-share an interview I did with my buddy Taylor Robbins on his Svavage Strength podcast.

In this interview, I share a bunch of clinical pearls on how I work with clients to maximize results, all about the supplement industry including some uncommon knowledge as well as the impetus and importance of taking a quality Essential Amino Acid Powder, like our Complete Essentials.

More specifically, I’ll touch on:

1) What my #1 "Stranded Island" supplement would be?

2) How do we know what supplements are tested for efficacy?

3) Which supplements are the biggest waste of money?

4) What are the BEST muscle building supplements?

5) The importance of essential amino acids and the Complete Essentials product.

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With that said, enjoy the show!

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