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What's it like to run a dealership? What's it like to build custom cars for TV shows? How can we save car culture? Beau Boeckmann might have the answers. He is the President of Galpin Motors & Galpin Auto Sports (GAS). Galpin Motors is the number one volume Ford dealership in the world (Matt bought his Raptor and Focus RS from them). In 2006 Beau launched Galpin Auto Sports, a customization shop. They've built movie cars, cool customs, and now it's the site of the new Discovery TV show, "Car Kings".

From Discover: "Beau Boeckmann, president and COO for Galpin Motors Inc., custom car builder Dave Shuten, and customization specialist “Mad Mike” Martin, are revving up engines to save automotive history and rescue car culture from oblivion in the brand-new Discovery Channel series, airing Monday nights at 10PM EST/PST.

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