Snapshot #115: How New Agents Can Build Their Brand


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We talk to Zillow alum Jay Thompson, author of the Now Pondering blog about why it's so important for agents to identify and build their brand.

We discuss:

1. A brand is much more than a logo.

2. The questions you have to ask yourself to help focus on your brand: What are your values? What's your mission statement? What inspired you to get into real estate? What makes you unique? How do you want to come to mind for people? How to you want to communicate your brand?

3. The little personal touches that will separate you from the pack.

4. How to identify a niche or a subject matter expert area.

5. Essential social media platforms for new agents.

6. Common mistakes new agents make with their branding. (Logos that look like a house!)

7. How real estate niches lead to content.

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