Ep. 148 - Security Awareness Series - Three Degrees of Separation from Neil Fallon with Rockie Brockway


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In this episode, Chris Hadnagy and Ryan MacDougall are joined by Rockie Brockway. Rockie is currently the Practice Lead for the Office of the CSO for TrustedSec. With over 28 years' experience in information security and business risk, Rockie specializes in Business Risk Analysis and the inherent relationships between data, assets, adversaries, and the organization’s brand value. He provides strategic and tactical advisory services to TrustedSec’s clients, assisting them in maturing their organizations’ security programs.

00:00 – Intro




SE Vishing Service

SE Phishing Service

Social-Engineer Slack Channel


Breaking Security Awareness Virtual Conference by Living Security – Chris will appear June 24

03:35 – Rockie Brockway Intro

07:25 – A little about Rockie’s background and how he got started in the industry

10:35 – Rockie's feelings on the past 29 years, from the first virus he saw vs what we see now

12:35 – Rockie was in a math rock band called Craw, Rockie played shows with CLUTCH!!!

17:15 – What should I have or learn to get a job in a company like yours?

20:55 - Practical Social Engineering certification

21:52 – How do you take curious and knowledgeable people’s knowledge and bridge that gap between them and the decision makers?

23:43 – How can young people get the qualities you suggest?

25:20 – Never be afraid of failure

27:45 – How important is top-down leadership support, or what are the most important aspects of doing your job?

31:25 – Are there more or less “future thinking” proactive security concerns than there were years ago?

36:02 – What level of organizations are bringing you in for your assistance?

37:28 – Action steps for corporations to start doing now


40:42 – Colleagues you respect most in the industry

  • Dr Peter Tippett
  • Marty from Snort
  • Renaud from Nessus
  • Dave Kennedy and TrustedSec GitHub
  • Jack Jones - Factory Analysis Information Risk
  • B Sides Jack Daniel, Nickerson, Ian Emit

42:45 – Book recommendations

44:33 – How to contact Rockie

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