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The world could probably use a lot more positive energy in it right now so there is probably no better time for a new album from Iration, which typically exudes good vibes and good feelings. Such is certainly the case with Coastin', and though it's a little more introspective and collaborative then their past 6 albums, make no mistake about it, this album will uplift you with its rock reggae sound. Aside from Eric Rachmany of Rebelution, and Stick Figure, the album also boasts guest spots from Common Kings and Eli-Mac. We caught up with Micah Pueschel to talk about the record, and our conversation started when I asked what made making this record, their 7th record in 15 years, so special. You definitely should check out the video for Right Here Right Now on youtube and the entire record when its out in just a few weeks. For more on Iration visit irationmusic.com.

First Song: 00:54: Right Here Right Now (ft. Eric Rachmany and Stick Figure)

Interview Begins: 05:51

Extro Song: 30:58 - Move Forward

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