Dan Romer on Bond 25 - Soundcast Six Vol. 15 (Ep. 144)


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Composer Dan Romer takes over the historic, musical reigns for the James Bond franchise. Which score for The Lion King is really king? Composers publicly pitching for big film gigs? Black Widow or The Eternals which is Twitter looking forward to more for its original score? Alf Clauses sues Fox/Disney over the Simpsons. Hans Zimmer finally releases his album "Xperiments" from the Dark Phoenix. These are the six stories Erik Woods, Dane Walker, and Christopher tackle in this 15th volume of the Soundcast Six!

Episode Highlights

04:56 - #1 Dan Romer on Bond 25

16:00 - #2 King of The Lion King

27:39 - #3 Composer's Pitch

44:07 - #4 Black Widow vs. The Eternals

51:12 - #5 Alf Clausen Sues

56:46 - #6 Hans Zimmer's Xperiments

Music Selections

00:00 - "The James Bond Theme" (James Bond Now) Vic Flick

13:47 - "Blood & Truth" - (Blood & Truth) by Joe Thwait and Jim Fowler

15:19 - "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" (The Lion King Instrumental Cover) by Masters of Sound

27:09 - "Listen to Me" (R&B Crate Digging) by Baby Huey & The Baby Sitters

43:57 - "Black Widow Note Book Cover" (Mindcraft Note Book Songs 4) by Grande1899

51:12 - "See You in Court 2nd Version" (Returned from the Ashes) by The Swiss Kids

56:47 - "Xperiment" (R.I.S.E.) by 10/31

70:29 - "Experiment in Terror" (The Essential Henry Mancini) by Henry Mancini


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