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Hans Zimmer on Dune, Thomas Newman on 1917, and Junkie XL on Terminator: Dark Fate are three upcoming composer assignments. Michael Abels on See You Yesterday, Michael Giacchino and Pinar Toprak receiving ASCAP Awards and Alan Menken receiving a Razzie Award are all in the past now, but in this extremely belated episode, Dane Walker, Kristen Romanelli and Christopher Coleman make these the central topics for this volume of The Soundcast Six.

Episode Highlights

05:13 - #1 Hans Zimmer on Dune

15:50 - #2 Thomas Newman on 1917

23:29 - #3 Michael Abels on See You Yesterday

32:12 - #4 Michael Giacchino and Pinar Toprak receive ASCAP Awards

42:52 - #5 Junkie XL on Terminator: Dark Fate

52:18 - #6 Alan Menken receives a Razzie

Music Selections

01:10 - "Sandstorms" (Dune) by David Matthews

04:58 - "To Tame a Land" - (The Hand of Doom Orchestra Plays Iron Maiden...) Vitamin String Quartet

15:19 - "World War I" (War Collection Grades 3 - 12) by Mind Music

23:05 - "Pas De Deux" (Us) Michael Abels and Various

31:28 - "Lujon" - (Summer Swing Party, Vol. 1) by Henry Mancini

42:26 - "Terminator" (Terminator) SPENSR

51:42 - "High Times, Hard Times" (Newsies) by Newsies Ensemble & Newsies Add. Singing Cast

65:28 - "Sandstorms" (Dune) by David Matthews

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