Toy Story 4 by Randy Newman (Ep. 141)


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The toys are back and Dane Walker and Christopher Coleman are, too! Before they discuss the film and Randy Newman's original score, an old segment returns, WHYBLT? (What have you been listening to?) In addition, remembering James Horner just after the fourth anniversary of the beloved composer's passing, they each share a couple of their James-Horner-goto-scores.

Episode Highlights

02:06 - WHYBLT?

12:47 - Remembering James Horner

25:00 - Toy Story 4

27:35 - Our Toy Story story

33:38 - Toy Story 4 - Film Reaction (Spoilers)

43:06 - Toy Story 4 - Score Reaction (Spoilers)

60:00 - Could anyone else score this franchise?

Music Selections

00:00 - "You Got a Friend in Me" (Toy Story 4) by Randy Newman

02:04 - "A Lark Ascending" (LPO Plays Vaughn Williams) by Vaughn Williams

03:00 - "Gap" (Dark Pheonix) by Hans Zimmer

07:05 - "Gravity of the Situation" (John Carter) by Michael Giacchino

16:07 - "Main Title" (Apollo 13) by James Horner

17:28 - "Re-entry and Splashdown" (Apollo 13) by James Horner

19:07 - "The Ludlows" (Legends of the Fall) by James Horner

20:44 - "Epilogue" (Searching for Bobby Fischer) by James Horner

24:38 - "I Can't Let You Throw Yourself Away" (Toy Story 4) by Randy Newman

33:16 - "Trash Can Chronicles" (Toy Story 4) by Randy Newman

42:40 - "Operation Pull Toy" (Toy Story 4) by Randy Newman

60:00 - "Buzz's Flight and a Maiden" (Toy Story 4) by Randy Newman

68:21 - "Operation Pull Toy" (Toy Story 4) by Randy Newman


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