Implementing onboard AI processing capabilities for Earth Observation (EO) missions - with Unibap and Simera Sense


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In this episode we're joined by Søren Pedersen, SpaceCloud Sales Manager at Unibap AB (publ) and Thys Cronje, CEO of Simera Sense.

Unibap is a Swedish firm that creates artificial intelligence (AI) and automation technologies to improve industrial processes and Simera Sense is an optical payload manufacturer based in South Africa.

The two companies are currently working together to improve Earth Observation (EO) capabilities through advanced on-board processing, using AI techniques, which is the main topic of the episode. In the podcast we discuss:

  • The current state-of-the-art in EO payload processing
  • The challenge of building architectures that involve high-end processing devices
  • What application areas and spectral bands can benefit from intelligent on-board data processing
  • The trade-offs, testing, and other considerations that go into building such missions

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