How Greenville Keeps Moving Forward


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When you’re in Greenville, S.C. you feel like you’re home. There are no strangers in Greenville, the locals say, only friends you haven’t met yet. In this episode of “The Special,” we explore Southern hospitality through the eyes of the people who live there. We’ll hear from the chef Shaun Garcia on his restaurant, Soby’s, where he puts a modern twist on recipes from his great-grandmother. We’ll also explore how Greenville’s dedicated residents transformed the city for the modern era. We’ll tour the city’s parks with a member of the City Council, speed along BMW’s test track with a high-performance driver, and learn about the city’s past from a civil rights legend.

We’ll sit with our guests for a meal of fried chicken with a honey and peppercorn twist. Sponsored by BMW.

BMW’s first ever X7 inspired “The Special,” by bringing together a new collaboration between two expert storytellers — The New York Times T Brand Studio and The Infatuation for the first time. Together, we examine culture and food in a way only we can.

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