#10 Setting Goals You’ll Actually Keep


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We’re at mid-year, and we have an important question for you. How are those resolutions you made in January coming along? If you’re one of the few who actually follows up on your goals, good for you! If this question made you uncomfortable, then this is the episode you need to hear. You might just be setting goals in a way that you can’t keep them, and Gini Dietrich has some solutions to help you finally get it right.

  • Acronyms are all the rage. LOL, WTF, TMZ, ASAP… but have you heard of GSOT? That’s one of ours, and it stands for Goals, Strategies, Objectives, and Tactics. GSOT is what will help you achieve the goals you set for yourself because it’s more than just the goal. It’s all the steps that will take you there, too.
  • You know what goals are. Duh, right? But do you know what a SMARTER goal is? (Yep, another acronym.) SMARTER goals are the ones that really work, and it comes down to 7 things. And these 7 things aren’t just the goal; they’re how you’ll achieve it.
  • S is for Specific - this means that your goal is clear and well defined. You’re not going to grow your business. You’re going to target a new customer demographic.
  • M is for Measurable - this means you can accurately measure whether or not you achieved the Goal. So you might want to get 100 clients in your new demographic.
  • A is for Attainable - goals need to be actually reachable, and you know that with the resources and information you currently HAVE, you can reasonably expect to gain 100 new clients - or maybe more - of this type.
  • R is for relevant - What is the problem you were trying to solve? What goal did you set? What happened? What did you change about your goal to make it SMARTER? What happened because of it?
  • T is for Time Bound - you need to have a deadline for when you can realistically achieve this goal. So to mee the goal you have to have those 100 new customers signed on within 4 months.
  • E is all about Evaluating - this is where people and companies often fall down. If you’re going to achieve a goal, you need to know where you are in the process soon enough to make changes and course correct. This means you actually have to sit down at regular intervals and look at how far you’ve come and how far you have to go.
  • R is about Re-Evaluating. That’s right - it never stops. Once you’ve passed your deadline, whether you achieved your goal or not, you have to keep talking about what worked, what didn’t, what you can do differently and what comes next. The more sophisticated your PR program is - the more Evaluation and Re-evaluation matter.

Make all your goals SMARTER goals, and know that these are the ones you’ll actually keep. We’d love to hear about YOUR goals! Find us on Facebook and join the community! Or if you want feedback and accountability, join us in our Slack community.

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