#28 Thought Leadership: Just Another Buzzword?


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When did we stop talking to each other like real people? In our industry, it’s getting hard to sort through all the hype. What’s the difference between a meaningless buzzword and a genuinely useful phrase? Take the term ‘Thought Leadership.’ This is what we’re getting into today, so sit tight because we’re going to be looking at how to synergize the 30,000 foot view to maximize our authenticity. Just kidding.

Is thought leadership dead?

The problem with the phrase “thought leadership” is how thought leaders apply the title to themselves. It’s like calling yourself smart … if you have to say it yourself, it’s only because nobody else will.

When used correctly, thought leaders are exactly what they sound like: experts and facilitators who are on the cutting edge, changing the landscape of their industries and people’s ideas of what is possible.

How can you build up the thought leadership of your executives?

Expand your organization’s media training. The entire C-suite should be able to speak on behalf of the company, respond to tough criticism without tarnishing the brand, and represent your company in public.

Broaden your corporate blogger pool. What better way to offer your expertise than through your own blog? You have complete control over your messaging and byline, which makes your thought leadership easily accessible to journalists doing a quick web search.

Encourage your executives to use social media. With proper media training, your executives will be able to exist and engage on social in a way that strengthens your brand.

Final thoughts

The easiest way to build thought leadership is to do it. Show up with insightful content — whether in the media, on your blog, on social, or in your contributions — and you won’t ever have to call yourself a thought leader to be thought of as one.

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