#7 Why and How you should still Comment on Blog Posts


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“Dark social media” isn’t as ominous as it sounds, we promise. These days, conversations on social media are getting smaller and smaller. While the days of broad public engagement have been dissolved into the era of the social media bubble, it’s still possible to gain some worthwhile traction in the smaller corners of the web.

  • Today, more and more online conversations are happening in smaller circles, from workplace chats to membership communities to personal SM spheres. Tapping into these smaller circles definitely still has value when it comes to PR.
  • Comment sections haven’t exactly enjoyed a good reputation in the last few years. But beyond just getting information from your audience, leads and customers, is it worth it for you to engage?
  • The short answer? YES!
  • Here are 3 ways you can get started with your commenting spree and why it can pay off in the long run. (You can find 2 more reasons – and a shutdown of the most common reasons people will tell you not to comment – in our recent blog post called Three Reasons You Should Comment on Blog Posts Again)
  • #1 The Introduction Comment: “I’ve been reading your blog for [X amount of time] and this is my first time commenting. This article has made an impression on me because [reason Y].”
  • Introducing yourself as a long-time reader and first time commenter can help establish a relationship with the author which is critical for earned, owned and shared media. You might also make a friend or two! Or even a potential new coworker.
  • #2 The Life/Work Application Comment: When reading or listening to something, jot down the parts that resonate and jump out at you. When writing your comment, use those notes to talk about how you used the ideas present in the article to accomplish something or solve a problem. This can lead to a more interesting and larger conversation that can yield useful ideas.
  • #3 The Immediate Reaction Comment: What is your off-the-cuff impression of the content? Be respectful; you might not agree or like what you’ve read but there are plenty of civil ways to communication your viewpoint.
  • In some cases, you might not get much out of it. If a website doesn’t moderate their comments, you risk sharing your thoughts alongside some nasty trolls. Moderation can vary widely so use your own best judgement.
  • Remember, if you’re using comments to build community and engagement, moderation is extremely If you want to encourage engagement and rich conversations, it’s your responsibility to maintain a respectful level of communication.
  • A lot of the most vital conversations happening on social media are happening on the dark side. But the case is still strong for encouraging public commenting on your content. So long as the experience is good for your community, it’ll be good for you and your business.

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